Restaurant Corroboree Berlin Darmstadt

Experience Australia

Modern Australian cuisine is a cultural melting pot; inspired by this our menu is as diverse and exciting as Australia itself.

fusion kitchen

Enjoy our diverse menu with steaks, tender burgers, fresh salads, kangaroo, fish, meat pies or Asian cuisine and a great deal more – something to suit everyone‘s taste.

coffee | beer | wine | cocktails

Our bar offers a wide range of coffee specialities, cocktails, spirits, Australian wines and refreshing beers from „down under“.


The word ”Corroboree” was first used by the early European settlers to describe aboriginal ceremonies that involved singing and dancing. ”Corroboree” was the English version of the aboriginal word ­”Caribberie”. Still today ”Corroboree” is a synonym in Australia for celebrations and festivities intended purely for relaxation and entertainment.

We wish you a pleasant stay.

welcome down under

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